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JP Asia Capital Sdn Bhd 专为各行业的中小企业解决难题,提供专业的系统培训及企业咨询顾问服务,让企业家运用方翰傑博士所研发的“自动化系统”轻松管理公司。

About us 关于我们

The 21st century JP Asia is a symbol of the new world the SME is working to bring forth through Learning Revolution. We wish to bring the business to be known by the world one day, the journey starts from Asia and the world is our destination. Our identity represents the local SMEs where knowledge, ideas and perspectives are shared, and bringing them to the next level and connect them to the world.

21世纪的JP Asia是中小企业通过学习革命努力实现的新世界象征。我们希望有一天能让全世界知道,我们的旅程将从亚洲开始,而世界就是我们的目的地。JP Asia代表了当地的中小企业,与他们分享知识,想法和观点,将他们提升到一个新的水平,并将他们与世界联系起来。

Our Vision 我们的愿景

- Our Vision is to educate and assist all SME companies and business owners in making their businesses auto-pilot.

- 我们的愿景宣言是让所有中小企业的公司可以自动化。

Our Mission 我们的使命

Our Mission is to ensure that our clients and business partners achieve their full potential with more freedom, wealth while ensuring business continuity.


Our Core Values 我们的核心价值是


Dr. H.C.P'ng 方翰杰博士

With years of commercial banking experience working with international banks and local bank, Dr. H.C. P'ng holds a PhD in Business Administration, MBA and EMBA. Dr. P'ng is a certified HRDF trainer with a strong professional team behind. He has very strong credit knowledge and specializes in SMEs business. Dr. P'ng founded JP Asia Capital Sdn Bhd with the intention to help the SME owners to manage their company easily with the auto-pilot system that he has invented, by providing professional training and advisory services. He shares his extensive knowledge in terms of managing business using the autopilot system and have gained a lot of the supports from the entrepreneurs.

拥有多年的国际银行和当地商业银行经脸,方翰杰博士拥有工商管理博士,工商管理硕士和工商管理总裁学士。方博士是马来西亚人力资源发展部认证的讲师,他有一群专业团队跟随着他。他拥有非常强的信用知识,专业从事中小企业业务。方博士成立JP Asia Capital Sdn Bbd,旨在帮助中小企业业主可以通过他所提供的专业系统培训和咨询服务,运用他发明的“自动化系统”轻松管理他们的公司。他分享了他在使用系统管理业务使方面的知识及经脸,并获得了企业家的大量支持。

Co-Founder Ms. Jeslyn 曹思滢讲师/法律顾问

Ms. Jeslyn holds the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) Malaysia,  L.L.B. (First Class) hons (UK) and EMBA. With more than 7 years working in Fortune Global 500 companies such as IBM and DELL as ISO Internal Auditor and HR department specializing in risk management, she is experienced in establishing, amending and giving solutions to rectify the process flowchart and SOP. Other than that, with her legal background and the business senses, she  is the expert in terms of Employment Law Malaysia.

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